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Your rate may be different – it may be higher, it may be lower. Factors that affect your rate include: Loan amount, FICO score, county and zip code, down payment amount, DTI, loan product, home type (single family, condo, investment, etc), and more.

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What is APR?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It’s the yearly cost of the loan expressed as an interest rate. It includes interest paid, and any costs associated with the loan like lender fees, points paid to lower the rate, mortgage broker fees – essentially any cost added to the loan. APR is the best way to compare loan quotes, because it includes costs to get the loan.

Scenario for conventional quote:  FICO 750, LTV 80%, Loan amount $720,000, Los Angeles County, zip code 90803, 30-year fixed term , single family residence.

Scenario for FHA quote:  FICO 700, LTV 96.5%, Loan amount $675,5000, Los Angeles County, zip code 90803, 30-year fixed term , single family residence.

* Rates change daily, sometimes hourly. These rates are only good for the day and time listed above. Contact us to get a current rate for your personal situation.

** 1 point equals a cash buydown of 1% of the loan amount which you pay at closing. This will lower your rate. For example, for a $720,000 loan amount, 1 point would equal $7,200. Does buying down the rate make sense? Sometimes, but you need to discuss this with your mortgage professional.


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